I've played drums since age 4. I more or less retired from playing the drums in 2006, but I was needed, so I came back to play some since 2014. I'm no longer driven to be the absolute best I can be on the drums, I'm only practicing once a week, just keeping in touch with my friends the drums. I've recorded 18 CDs and records over the years, and have been signed and dropped from 4 Indi record companies. I surmise I'm in the latter part of my music career, I'm putting together a best of compilation, which hopefully will be put out soon. Meanwhile, here's a smattering of tunes from some of the super-great bands I've been in. I loved making music with these people.

Caveman Shoestore, '14th Century', 2006
Caveman Shoestore, 'I Just Might', 1992
Caveman Shoestore, 'Lost Horizon', 1992
Caveman Shoestore, 'Tractor Pulling a Clown', 1992
Caveman Shoestore, 'When Rome Burns, Read the Sports Page', 1992
The 1st Face Ditch, Space Flight Cat, 2001
The 1st Face Ditch, 'I am Truck, Eh?', 2001
The 1st Face Ditch, 'Spycam', 2001
The 1st and 2nd Face Ditch, 'Pan the Goat God' 2001
Boodlers, 'Lose Change' 1994
The 2nd Face Ditch, 'Measurement' 1982
The 2nd Face Ditch, 'Old Ubu's Waltz' 1982
The Tone Dogs, 'Spanish Eyes Medley', 1989
The Tone Dogs, 'Brave It', 1989
All these bands had Fred Chalenor on bass and Henry Franzoni on drums,
the rest of the musicians you hear here are:
Elaine diFalco - vocals and keys: Caveman Shoestore;
Amy Denio - vocals, guitar, bass, and sax, and Courtney Von Drehle - sax and keys: the Tone Dogs;
Neil Mintern - keys: Face Ditch #1;
Craig Flory - sax, Myles Boisen - guitar, and Randy Neal - guitar: Face Ditch #2;
Elliot Sharp - guitar and Joe Trump - drums: The Boodlers.